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I’ve recently fallen in love with Tool again, after an almost complete hiatus of a few years. A few years back, Tool lived in the background of my life, a constant. This was a particularly dark time. So by association, listening to Tool now placed me back in that head space.

But listening to them again over the past few months, really listening, and having a new album to reflect on (10,000 days), I’ve reached a whole new level in my appreciation. It has expanded and gone deeper.

For all Tool’s darkness, I now see their light too. Listening to Tool is like riding a great wave that lifts you up and pulls you down, sometimes simultaneously. I see the spiritual aspects and the yearning to move forward, and the balance in their songs, both lyrically and musically.

I’m always finding new layers. And with the layers, appreciation.

Like a great friend, I think you’ve found a really great band when it evolves with you, and you with it.

FiFi [userpic]

Yey or nae?

Personally, it blew my mind. 

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The new puscifer

omg wtf lol bbq? [userpic]

I know this isn't "technically" about Tool, but has anyone ever seen Schism? They're a Tool cover band, and they're fucking HUGE in NY. I've heard of them multiple times, and when I heard they were playing near me, I figured I'd go see them. They were INCREDIBLE live. The singer was a pretty big guy, and I had my doubts from the beginning, but he sounds almost exactly like maynard, and even his mannerisms on stage were pretty spot on. My only gripe is that they BUTCHERED parabol, they only did about 45 seconds into it and then switched into parabola. Besides that, stinkfist was epic, and so was aenima. I figured I'd throw a heads up to anyone in NY cuz thats where theyll be for the next month.

Did anyone else see them there? That concert kicked a$$! I saw MUSE at the Garden with their own alien sh*t but nothing beats TOOL. I just wish they had played The Pot, though...

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Stacie [userpic]

I was wondering if anyone had a set list for this tour. Also, is the opening band worth checking out or should we just hang out in the parking lot and drink?

Landogarner [userpic]

parttimestupid [userpic]

Going to see TOOL tonight in Pittsburgh. Fucken excited. Hope all well.

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Gingerbread Coffin [userpic]

I recently saw Tool live, and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the awesome visuals they used? I'd really like to find the director. I've looked on YouTube but no luck. :(

insanekat [userpic]

Just went to the Tool Concert last night in Toronto!

It was amazing, my first Tool concert and I couldn't be happier! No complaints at all :) Thanks to Tool ^^

See my little review here if you're interested (some spoilers obviously): http://toolnavy.com/showpost.php?p=1428150&postcount=48

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